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“Bronson’s clever, high-tech tale exposes a possible future where the fine line between human and A.I. is frighteningly thin. Clonedroid is a well-timed premonition and a warning, much like Ian Malcom’s famous line from Jurassic Park.”
            - Bria Burton, Award-Winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Author

“I do believe Bronson is onto a winning character in Prototype 2112…This novel kept me turning the pages to know what happened next…By the end of the book, I realized we only had a glimpse of this newly-imagined creature, and that left me wanting more…I certainly hope his tale continues. Well done!”
            - L.K. Simonds, Author of All In

“I found Clonedroid to be a suspenseful and exciting read. The topic is relevant to modern times. It adds one more layer to the question, how long should a human live. With cloning, it could be forever. As long as you can afford it...This kept me coming back...Now, to wait for the sequel.”
            - Martin Von Cannon, Author of  First Knight: The Chronicles of Lana Lake


“Super fun hard sci-fi novella in the vein of Asimov and Heinlein. Page turner all the way through…I love that I couldn’t predict the ending.”
                 - Chad Parsons, Award-Winning Fantasy Author

“Fun read with a twist…The premise was well presented, and the style was easy to read. I especially liked the twist at the end. If you enjoy near-future sci-fi and are looking for a relatively quick read, this should be on your list.”
            - M.J. Carlson, Science Fiction/Suspense Author

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