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In the late 21st Century, a cloned human android is created to be a lucrative medical product, and the perfect organ donor. Clonedroid 2112 (Abe) is the latest product of the Multipurpose Android and Cloning Corporation and a remarkable achievement in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. However, his creation has embroiled MACC and its new product line in controversy and generated a devastating spin-off effect.

Corporate heads order Abe dismantled into donor parts for transplant patients, a lucrative act of medical good faith shrouded in duplicity. Dissecting their prototype will save lives and gain public support. It will also clear MACC’s reputation and dispose of a problematic product. 

Project team leader, Dr. Tamera Everett, is not so eager to dispose of her prototype. When corporate push comes to executive shove, she is the only person willing to speak up for Abe, but doing so places her in jeopardy. Things get worse when a journalist questions the darker side of MACC and her motives as a scientist. Caught in a crisis of conscience, Tamera wants to save Abe, but divided loyalties and employee sabotage stand in her way, and time is running out.

However, model 2112 (Abe) has a different vision of the future and greater potential than anyone realizes. With the clock ticking and a storm of uncertainty raging around him, Abe executes plans of his own. 

The countdown begins…

In a similar vein as works by Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Michael Crichton, this story focuses on the ethical dilemmas of playing God and the pitfalls of advancing technology without appropriate safeguards. It probes the many challenges that face our global societies today.

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