October 16, 2018 

On the Air with Patzi Gil of Joy on Paper, Radio Interview 

I was thrilled to join fellow authors Bria Burton and Glen L. Erickson in a live radio interview with Patzi Gil of Joy on Paper. The live studio interview on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, focused on writing science fiction, allowing me to discuss various aspects of my latest novel, Clonedroid: The New Wave, and the impact of A.I. on our current world and future. This fun session covered a range of science fiction topics and works by myself and fellow authors, including the possibility that we are being visited by advanced extraterrestrial life. This interview also gave me the opportunity to discuss my recently published nonfiction story, One More Day, and how it relates to my work on Amendment 13, to end dog racing in Florida. It was a fun time, as we three writers discussed our literary passions and provided tips to other writers, during our feature with Patzi on Tampa Bay Tan Talk AM 1340/ FM 106.1. Also available with the free app: TuneIn Radio for Joy on Paper. For additional information about Joy on Paper, please visit Pazti on Facebook at

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September, 2018 

Supporting Amendment 13 in the Race to Save Dogs! 

Much of my nonfiction centers on my life as a veteran greyhound owner, foster parent, and rescue volunteer, and all the horrible things I've seen, and that these dogs have endured, as a direct and indirect result of the racing industry. In recent months, I have joined a movement to save this gentle breed from the perpetual an unnecessary cycle of abuse, and support Florida's Constitutional Amendment 13 and the COMMITTEE TO PROTECT DOGS. Amendment 13, if passed, will ban dog racing in the state of Florida, and save current and future dogs from ongoing exploitation. Greyhounds should be offered the same opportunities as other breeds, to grow up as pets and not as the disposable commodities of greed. I also believe that voters have the right to decide how their tax dollars are spent in relation to propping up a decaying industry rooted in animal exploitation.

Apparently, the Florida State government and Supreme Court agree with me. On September 7, 2018, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a circuit judge's ruling, and racing industry efforts, to remove Amendment 13 from the November 2018 state ballot. I am thrilled to say that Amendment 13 will remain on the ballot. This offers Florida voters a chance to voice their opinions, and protect dogs from the injuries, illnesses, and deaths related to track life.


May, 2018 

Science Fiction Novel, CLONEDROID: THE NEW WAVE, Coming Soon!

CLONEDROID: THE NEW WAVE will be available for readers in the near future, anticipating release in early 2019. This hard science fiction novel about a human android—a story that pays homage to Isaac Asimov and a few other notables—will soon be available on Amazon.

Thank Deb Von Cannon at Urban Artist Florida Studios, LLC, for your collaborative efforts on the cover design, along with your skill and creative talent in designing the ebook cover image for this book! 


April, 2018

Short Story Publication in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL

One More Day is an inspirational story about my family and our passion for rescuing racing dogs, and saving one in particular. 

At risk of being sent to The Farm, Ray needed one more day, and gained it when he walked through our door. But his atypical and extreme behavior pushed limits and forced us to a breaking point. Once again, Ray came face to face with the harsh reality of only having one more day. 

In this heartfelt story, a damaged dog proves that miracles can happen and demonstrates the value behind second chances. In the process, he makes us realize that, when life gets rough, we must never give up on ourselves or on those that we love.


October, 2017

Short Story Publication in Anthology

My short story The Last Laugh is a funny tale about the practical jokes that unfold in a sweltering, grimy steel mill.

Long, grueling shifts in dangerous conditions can erode even the most tranquil of temperaments, so fun pranks give employees a chance to let off a little steelworker steam. New hires are prime targets, falling victim to every joke, until one newbie turns the sizzling tide. His unique idea for getting even puts a nasty-tempered old-timer in his place and makes the greenhorn the hero of his crew. This story is part of the FWA anthology, WHAT A CHARACTER.



March 30, 2016 

Epic Book Completed and ARC Released

In early December 2015, I completed work on the narrative nonfiction BLUE MOUNTAIN. A short time later, thanks to the publisher Soul Attitude Press, I released an ARC (limited unedited version) of this epic biography for family and friends to enjoy, and for a number of BETA readers to review in preparation for future publication.


January 7, 2015

Magazine Publication 

Going Grey my article about "Why adopt a retired racing dog?" was released in the current Fall/Winter 2014 issue of THE NEW BARKER, and is available in Florida newsstands or online.

Thank you TNB for supporting greyhound rescues and adoptions!


 January 7, 2015

Nonfiction Publication

My earlier article about Charly, the Underdog, can be found online, Page 36-37 in an archived issue of THE NEW BARKER, Spring 2014 Issue: Lifelong Underdog Finally Goes Home A Winner


June 30, 2014

Nonfiction Publication in Magazine to Help Greyhounds

I’m thrilled that THE NEW BARKER magazine published my story about saving an underdog named Charly. The story published in the spring 2014 issue and is still available online and in stores. In addition, Going Grey my article about adopting greyhounds has also been accepted for future publication in The New Barker. Thank you TNB magazine for supporting my efforts to save greyhounds! 


May 10, 2014

Publication in Magazine

My story (based on my prior blog) about a greyhound named Charly, A Lifelong Underdog Finally Goes Home a Winner, will be released soon in The New Barker magazine (spring issue 2014) and sold in stores and online at


October 24, 2010 

Author Book Signing at the St. Pete Pier, and Zombies

It was a fun full day, attending the St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading on Saturday October 23, 2010, to promote my story The Black Death and the Zombie Nation: St. Pete anthology. The publishers performed skits and provided readings from the book during its debut at the USF campus in downtown St. Petersburg. From there, the fun moved to the Pier. Book sales and author signings began at 5:00 p.m. on the main floor in the back room. The signings were followed by zombies dancing outside on the Pier to Michael Jackson's, Thriller (a spectacular internationally televised event that took place in both St. Petersburg,  Florida and St. Petersburg, Russia at the same time). A warm thank you to my family and friends who attended these events in support of my work!


October 22, 2010 

Author Book Signing Events 

I will join fellow authors and the publishers of the anthology, Zombie Nation: St. Pete, at the St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading on Saturday, October 23, 2010 for the books debut. Readings from the anthology will begin at noon on the USF St. Pete campus in downtown St. Petersburg. Later that same day, we will gather again at the Pier for a book signing, and the Premier Party for Zombie Nation Publishing, starting at 5:00 p.m. (main floor in the back room).


October 6, 2010

Book release date

The book and my story are due for release on October 23, 2010, debuting at the 18th annual St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading, hosted by USF-St. Petersburg. The fun will migrate to the Pier downtown with a book release party. I plan to attend both events, along with Zombie Nation Publishing. If you’re in the area, please stop by and celebrate the book’s release and the start of the Halloween season, zombie style.




September 30, 2010

Publication in Upcoming Anthology

After my recent short story publication, I received more great news. My submission, The Black Death, has been selected for publication in an anthology, Zombie Nation: St. Pete, and just in time for the upcoming spooky, spine-chilling season.


August 24, 2010 

Publication in Magazine 

It is a little ironic, given all of my difficulties in keeping my work brief, that my story selected for an upcoming publication would be my shortest one of all, a fifteen-hundred word piece of flash fiction called Dreams of Home, published in the September 2010 issue of The Florida Writer.