The Problem With Building Something Smarter Than Us Is...

It's Smarter Than Us.

Written in a classic style with a modern feel, this high-tech hard science fiction novel focuses on the dilemmas of playing God and the pitfalls of advancing technology without care and appropriate safeguards. This story probes the many challenges that face our global societies today.

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A place and time where reality rivals fiction. 

Blue Mountain is an epic narrative nonfiction story based on the memoirs of Cate's mother, and her tale about growing up in strange and remote places under extreme circumstances. Written as a family keepsake, the original book generated so much buzz that this amazing story is now being revised for general publication and will be release to the world.

In this epic journey, a family of four face adversity and tragedy while pioneering remote regions in depression-era and wartime Canada. The family is triumphant in many ways but their losses are substantial, and in some cases, far too high. Ruth’s story is one wild adventure after another through time and places long since changed or devoured by progress. It is a remarkable tale about love, faith, and a small family’s struggle to conquer overwhelming odds. It is a story about a family that lives on the road, lives on the run, lives on practically nothing to chase a rustic dream. This book promises to deliver a fabulous journey from the first line to the last, and the truest events in this tale are often the most unbelievable. Blue Mountain is where truth truly rivals fiction.