In the not-so-distant future, model 2112 (Abe), a clonedroid prototype is slated to die. Amidst corporate scandal, executives of the Multipurpose Android and Cloning Corporation attempt to dodge controversy over their latest invention. They also plan to garner public support by chopping up Abe and donating his body to transplant patients. It is a move that will save lives and dispose of a problematic product, but the project team leader is reluctant to dismantle her prototype. Caught in a crisis of conscience, and a chaotic environment, she decides to save Abe, but her plans are mired by divided loyalties and sabotage. With a different vision for the future and greater potential than anyone realizes, Abe unleashes plans of his own.

Clonedroid: The New Wave is a hard science fiction novel about a human android created for a single purpose—to be an organ donor—even though he is capable of so much more. In a similar vein as Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Robot novels, this story focuses on the ethical dilemmas circling advancing medical technology and global political environments of the near future, and in the process, confronts fundamental issues that plague our world today. 

I’d like to thank Deb Von Cannon at Urban Artist Florida Studios, LLC for her collaborative efforts on the cover design and her fabulous skill with the ebook cover image for this book!

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