I am a Canadian-American author and Writer’s Digest mainstream literary short story winnerAs a political science graduate and an investment accountant turned writer of speculative fiction and nonfiction, I have authored stories and articles for anthologies and magazines. My most recent publication is with Chicken Soup for the Soul.

My storytelling embraces several mediums: novellas, novels, nonfiction books, and articles. Current projects include my hard science fiction novel Clonedroid: The New Wave, and epic narrative nonfiction, Blue Mountain. Both books will be available for release shortly. 

Nonfiction pieces and articles include, Going Grey, which published in the winter 2014-2015 issue of THE NEW BARKER magazine; and, A Lifelong Underdog Finally Goes Home A Winner, which published in spring 2014 issue of the same magazine.

Fiction shorts include One More Day, which published with CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL (My Crazy Family) in 2018The Last Laugh in the anthology WHAT A CHARACTERSightseeing in the anthology LET'S TALKThe Black Death in the anthology ZOMBIE NATION: ST. PETE; and, Dreams of Home in THE FLORIDA WRITER magazine.

As an active member of the Florida Writers Association, I contribute to the Florida Writers Association, Writer's Groups as a critique group leader and mentor in St. Petersburg, providing online assistance to writers interested in improving their craft. I have also participated in the Mayor's Youth Showcase of Achievement 2018, as a literary judge. 

Much of my nonfiction centers on my life as a veteran greyhound owner, foster parent, and rescue volunteer. I am proud to have actively supported Florida's Constitutional Amendment 13 and the COMMITTEE TO PROTECT DOGS. On November 6, 2018, the amendment passed by an overwhelming majority during the state election. This measure will phase out dog racing in the state of Florida over a two-year period and save thousands of dogs from ongoing exploitation. I believe greyhounds should grow up as pets like other breeds, and not endure a life as the disposable commodities of greed. I also believe that voters have the right to decide how their tax dollars are spent in relation to propping up a decaying industry rooted in animal exploitation. During the November election, Florida voters spoke loud and clear in support of ending dog racing in the state, and protecting future greyhounds from the injuries, illnesses, and deaths related to track life.