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“Bronson’s clever, high-tech tale exposes a possible future where the fine line between human and A.I. is frighteningly thin. Clonedroid is a well-timed premonition and a warning, much like Ian Malcom’s famous line from Jurassic Park.”
-Award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Author, Bria Burton

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Written in a classic style with a modern feel, this hard science fiction novel with a twist focuses on the dilemmas of playing God and the pitfalls of advancing technology without care and appropriate safeguards. It also probes many of the socio-political challenges that face our global societies today.


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What readers are saying

Fun read with a twist I enjoyed the story overall. The premise was well presented, and the style was easy to read. I especially liked the twist at the end. If you enjoy near-future sci-fi and are looking for a relatively quick read, this should be on your list.
-Amazon Customer

 Fantastic new "classic" hard science fiction This book was a treat to read. It reminded me of the classic hard sci find that used to be more prevalent. Like Asimov's later writing in style, but with Crichton's technical detail. It even has the social commentary typical of classic sci fi, along with real science. At the mid point of the book, I couldn't put it down and finished in one shot. Hopefully we see more of this.
-Goodreads Customer

Terrific story Very creative and original! The reader really gets to know and care about the characters in the story.
-Amazon Customer

Super fun hard sci-fi novella in the vein of Asimov and Heinlein. Page turner all the way through, and I love that I couldn’t predict the ending.
-Goodreads Customer

 Best book I've read in a long time! Clonedroid is a fantastic and engrossing book that is very easy to read, but hard to put down. The overall story is very good and well written with believable characters and captivating dialogue. Throughout the book is a combination of well researched facts and plausible in the not-too-distant-future Sci-Fi technology. The twist at the end is great and sets the reader up for a potential sequel. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future releases by this author!
-Amazon Customer

I found Clonedroid to be a suspenseful and exciting read. The topic is relevant to modern times. It adds one more layer to the question, how long should a human live. With cloning, it could be forever. As long as you can afford it....This kept me coming back. The characters are developed and even detailed. I pictured each one of them as they walked onto the scene. Now, to wait for the sequel.
-Goodreads Customer

 Superb! One of the best sci-fi books I read in recent memory. The author has a great writing style, captures corporate and social dynamics, the characters are quite believable with strong real emotions, the main AI character is compelling, the science is solid and believable. Some very good discussions on the ethics of cloning and organ harvesting of potentially sentient beings. add a final dash of some philosophy and you have a fantastic read! I sure hope there's a sequel this would be a great series.
-Amazon Customer

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