THE NEW WAVE ready to make a splash

While the final touches are underway for my epic narrative nonfiction Blue Mountain, I wrap up work on my science-fiction novella, The New Wave. 

This android-based story materialized overnight, and after a great deal of scientific research to support some of the more unusual aspects of the story and a few thought-provoking discussions with my husband, the rough draft emerged. Several months and many rewrites later, with the aid of two critique groups, the story morphed into the completed version of a speculative novella that questions global perceptions, human morality, and where our future may lead.

With at least one sequel to follow, The New Wave may well evolve into a novel. But for now, it remains a shorter story, one that I will promote at an upcoming writer’s conference and submit for publication in science fiction magazines, then possibly offer in e-book format. 

As an Asimov-inspired tale with a twist, I am certain The New Wave will make a splash with science-fiction readers everywhere. Stay tuned for more about this story, and others, and future publication release dates.