Going Grey Saves Lives!

It is with delight that I return to my blog, after another long hiatus, to post that two of my short stories have been accepted for publication in The New Barker magazine. Thank you TNB!  And thank you to my husband and Fab Four writing friends for your encouragement and support!

The first story is a revised version of my earlier blog post about a greyhound named Charly. Retitled A Lifelong Underdog Finally Goes Home A Winner, this short non-fiction story published in the spring 2014 issue.  The second story Going Grey will publish in a future issue of The New Barker, and is an article about adopting retired racing dogs.  I am thrilled the editor of the magazine has graciously rewarded my efforts, but more importantly, recognized the overwhelming need to promote awareness and save racing dogs from the short, cruel life so many of them endure.

Florida is one of only six states that still holds tight to greyhound racing in the United States, and it is one of only two states refusing to report racing dog injuries. As a result, many greyhounds suffer and die at the hands of negligence without the aid of public scrutiny.  In an attempt to right these wrongs, Bill 742 was put forth a few months ago to report injuries, but it was literally ignored during session by the Florida legislature and swept under the carpet. If the Florida government and racing industry have nothing to hide, why not pass the bill?  Despite a lack of concern by Florida’s House and Representatives toward injured greyhounds, and willingness to pander to a decaying industry, awareness and an anti-racing sentiment is growing, like it did with pitbulls and dog fighting.  I’m thrilled when magazines, like The New Barker, promote rescue efforts and public awareness. Knowledge will increase support to save these overlooked animals. It will aid greyhounds in the long-run by encouraging individuals to speak up and lobby for legislative changes, and help in the short-term by getting more of these gentle dogs out of kennels and into caring homes.