A Reason for Celebration!

All’s well that ends well...a proverb made famous by the greatest playwright in English history sums up how I felt as I wrote this long overdue blog. Although 2012 led me away from blogging and toward a hectic day-job, my ongoing involvement with greyhound rescue has inspired a few passionate posts. Whether the result of my efforts, or not, great news reached me recently regarding the subject of one of those posts. For me, there could be no better way to start the New Year, or reason to tap out a few words in oblogatory celebration.

In an attempt to aid greyhounds, and one underdog in particular, I wrote about a large black, grey name Charly. Like so many of his breed, he’d experienced the harsher side of human nature and was in desperate need of saving. Out of concern, my husband and I (and at least two other families) fostered him for a short period of time, preparing Charly for his future home. Domestic living agreed with him, but sadly no one came to his rescue and adopted him. He returned to the kennel once again, spending nearly another year awaiting his forever family. And every passing day that his bio remained posted on the adoption sight, my heart sank further. Charly deserved better—he deserved a loving home.

Apparently, someone else agreed. One morning at the start of this nippy New Year, the sun shone brighter for the big, black beauty when a family believed he was a dog worth saving. To my delight, Charly went to a loving home where he now romps happily with another grey and his adoptive pet-parents. Congratulations Charly and kudos to his new family!

Charly was the second of four dogs we fostered through 2011/2012, and the last of the four to be adopted. My husband and I could not be happier for Charly and our other fosters. We wish all of them long, loving lives in their forever homes.



All’s well that ends well for four adopted dogs seems reason enough to celebrate and certainly a good start, but the story does not end here. More must be done to save other greyhounds from an underdog life, and deliver this great breed from the track and into caring homes.