Upcoming publication in fiction anthology

As a freelance writer and novelist I am frequently juggling my time between one writing project and another, sometimes a dizzying task. Currently I am working on the final edits of two novels: book one of a science-fiction trilogy known as the GUARDIAN series; and, a nonfiction piece BLUE MOUNTAIN that I expect to make available before the end of 2011. Besides these commitments, I spread my time even thinner working on shorter stories, several ear marked for science fiction magazines. However, my most recent project, another tale with a twist called Sightseeing, will be published and available in the fall 2011 release of the fiction book LET’S TALK. This anthology is a fascinating collection of fiction stories comprised strictly of dialogue that will make for an interesting read. The release date and places the book can be purchased will be posted in upcoming “News & Events” updates on my website http://www.catebronson.com/ as the information is made available. In the meantime, it’s back to the computer where I’ll work diligently and type madly to keep things in motion.