A case of writer’s unblock

Recently, I took a break from working on the many, lengthy book and novel projects that have consumed me lately. Laying aside the writing, and rewriting, of larger fiction and nonfiction pieces (some more than 600 pages in length), I decided to pursue something a little lighter. Short stories and flash fiction seemed the ideal thing, giving the ole gray matter a break from the more complex and extensive obligations. With several story ideas in mind, I set pen to paper and began madly scribbling in the hope of churning out numerous tiny tales—let the muse flow. Well, it did. And it appears that I suffer from a bad case of writer's unblock. With no shortage of words to fill the blank pages before me, my short stories of 4000 words matured into novellas of 40,000 words before the stories could fully tell their tale. Apparently, I took a break from writing full-length features only to write more full-length features.