A busy time of the year!

This is a busy time of the year for most people and no less so for any writer. Beginning in December, I added more to my already full plate and returned my attentions to an enormous science fiction project that had been shelved for nearly a year – one I have been eagerly anticipating sinking my teeth into this project for some time. As well, I continue my rewrites of BLUE MOUNTAIN, along with magazine submissions for short stories. To add to the recent chaos that is my life, I have taken on an additional commitment outside of writing. All of this does not include time spent madly scurrying about, decorating, shopping, and preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Yet, I’m excited about it all, even planning for the holidays, and most of all, thrilled that progress on my sci-fi trilogy has resumed once again.

Even though my life is ramping up for an incredibly hectic December and even busier New Year, I still plan to enjoy the season. I truly love this time of the year (except maybe for the cold weather) and love the peace and harmony it evokes, despite the hurriedness of it all. During the holidays I become a small child all over again and the excitement of it helps me deal with the additional workload. So, no matter how crazy life might become for you now, and in the future, take the time to enjoy it! 

Happy Holidays and all the best for a wonderful 2011!

A time to be thankful

This is the time of year to take stock of all the things we are thankful for, both past and present. That said, I am devoting time this month to acknowledging those things that I am thankful for—those things that matter most in my life: family, friends, and writing.

My time recently has been dedicated to rewriting and editing BLUE MOUNTAIN, a nonfiction project of enormous undertaking. A difficult labor of love, this book is a tribute to my late mother to whom I owe so much. Finishing BLUE MOUNTAIN as soon as possible is my goal and gift of thanks to my family who encourages my endeavors, and eagerly awaits this story. Not forgetting my other obligations, I am also moving forward with several fiction projects—my way of being thankful for the gift and opportunity I have been given.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I am thankful for recent publications and to be a part of an incredibly talented writing community, where I am surrounded by wonderful, creative people. I am also extremely grateful to good friends (old and new) who cheer me on and assist me along the way.

More than anything, I am appreciative for the love and support of a remarkable man who makes unbelievable sacrifices to ensure my happiness, no matter how difficult things become. He is an amazing person who encourages and inspires me, believing “the dream” is not out of reach. To my husband, Steve, I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude—for him, I am MOST thankful!

May you have many wonderful treasures in your life to be truly thankful for—and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Trick or treat…

Well, it’s definitely a treat for me. After my recent publication, I received more wonderful news. Another of my submission projects THE BLACK DEATH has been selected for publication in an anthology book, Zombie Nation: St. Pete —just in time for the upcoming spooky, spine-chilling season.

The book and my story are due for release on October 23, 2010, debuting at the 18th annual St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading, hosted by USF-St. Petersburg, from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Then the fun will migrate to the Pier downtown with a book release party starting at 5:00. I plan to attend both events, along with Zombie Nation Publishing. If you’re in the area, please stop by and celebrate the book’s release, and Halloween, zombie style. At the very least, howl for Halloween…or, more fittingly, moan like a zombie…and have a Happy Halloween!

For more information about the book and the events I’ve mentioned, please visit http://www.festivalofreading.com/ or www.zombienationpublishing.com

A little irony

After recently writing about my writer’s unblock, and my struggles in keeping my short stories truly short, I have been dealt a rather amusing hand by fate. It is a little ironic, given all of my difficulties in keeping my work brief, that my first story to be selected for publication would be my shortest one of all, a fifteen-hundred word piece of flash fiction called DREAMS OF HOME, published in the September 2010 issue of The Florida Writer.

A case of writer’s unblock

Recently, I took a break from working on the many, lengthy book and novel projects that have consumed me lately. Laying aside the writing, and rewriting, of larger fiction and nonfiction pieces (some more than 600 pages in length), I decided to pursue something a little lighter. Short stories and flash fiction seemed the ideal thing, giving the ole gray matter a break from the more complex and extensive obligations. With several story ideas in mind, I set pen to paper and began madly scribbling in the hope of churning out numerous tiny tales—let the muse flow. Well, it did. And it appears that I suffer from a bad case of writer's unblock. With no shortage of words to fill the blank pages before me, my short stories of 4000 words matured into novellas of 40,000 words before the stories could fully tell their tale. Apparently, I took a break from writing full-length features only to write more full-length features.