October 14, 2017

The Last Laugh

Short Story Publication in Anthology
October, 2017

My short story The Last Laugh is a funny tale about the practical jokes that unfold in a sweltering, grimy steel mill.

Long, grueling shifts in dangerous conditions can erode even the most tranquil of temperaments, so fun pranks give employees a chance to let off a little steelworker steam. New hires are prime targets, falling victim to every joke, until one newbie turns the sizzling tide. His unique idea for getting even puts a nasty-tempered old-timer in his place and makes the greenhorn the hero of his crew. This story is part of the FWA anthology, WHAT A CHARACTER.

March 01, 2017

Science fiction novella ready for submission!

My science fiction novella, Clonedroind: The New Wave is finished and ready for submission! 

This hard sci-fi android tale is set in the not-so-distant future, and focuses on a clonedroid prototype, named Abe.

Stretched out on an examination table (his bed of choice) in the genetic engineering lab, Abe (model 2112) counts the seconds that lead to liberty or to death. Like a lab animal, he faces a gruesome fate. Amidst corporate scandal and controversy, an executive decision is made to liquidate model 2112 in favor of a new line. Unaware of the decision, the project team will soon learn that their prototype, a cloned human with an android’s brain, is slated to become donor parts for transplant patients. Abe, however, has other plans for his future and takes matters, along with humanity’s fate, into his own hands.

Many long hours of edits went into getting this story ready, and I owe a debt of gratitude to my husband, writing friends, and critique groups for the time and effort they put forth to assist me with this project. There is still more to be done before the novella is made available for sale, but the story is now ready for submission.